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Dr. Lei Xia | Theranostics | Best Researcher Award

Peking University Cancer Hospital |Β  China

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Dr. Xia Lei, PhD 🧬

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Peking University Cancer Hospital
Physician, Associate Researcher

Contact Information:
πŸ“ž Phone: 18811177191
βœ‰οΈ Email: xialei9012288@126.com


Dr. Xia Lei, PhD, currently serves as a physician and associate researcher in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Peking University Cancer Hospital. Dr. Lei graduated from the Medical School of Peking University in 2020. His expertise and research interests lie in the innovative field of nuclear medicine, particularly focusing on the development and clinical application of radiopharmaceutical probes for tumor targeting.

His primary research areas include:

  1. Construction of Tumor-Targeted Multimodal Imaging Molecular Probes 🩻
    • Dr. Lei is dedicated to creating advanced imaging probes that can target tumors with high precision, enhancing the accuracy of tumor detection and diagnosis.
  2. Development and Preliminary Application of Novel Integrated Diagnostic and Therapeutic Probes 🧫
    • He is pioneering the integration of diagnostic and therapeutic functions into single probes, aiming to streamline and improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.
  3. Preparation and Clinical Translation of Tumor-Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Probes πŸ§ͺ
    • Dr. Lei’s work involves preparing radiopharmaceuticals that specifically target tumors and translating these innovations from the lab to clinical settings to benefit patients.

Principal Investigator in Projects:

Dr. Lei has been the principal investigator for several prestigious projects, showcasing his leadership in research and innovation:

  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Young Scientists Fund (NO.82202201) 🌟
    • RMB 300,000 (January 2023 – December 2025)
  2. Young Talents Support Plan by the China Association for Science and Technology (NO. YESS20220230) 🌟
    • RMB 600,000 (January 2023 – December 2025)
  3. Beijing Natural Science Foundation, General Program (NO.7242266) 🌟
    • RMB 200,000 (January 2024 – December 2026)
  4. Peking University Cancer Hospital Science Innovation and Translation Fund 🌟
    • RMB 140,000 (January 2024 – December 2024)
  5. Medical School of Peking University, Young Scientists Innovation Fund 🌟
    • RMB 40,000
  6. Internal Fund of Peking University Cancer Hospital 🌟
    • RMB 80,000
  7. Peking University Cancer Hospital Science Innovation Nurturing Fund 🌟
    • RMB 100,000

Dr. Lei’s contributions to the field of nuclear medicine are instrumental in advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer, reflecting his commitment to medical innovation and patient care.


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Dr. Lei Xia | Theranostics | Best Researcher Award

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