Conference Speakers

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Abstract/Paper Title
DrYanLeyfmanGlobal COVID-19 TaskforceUnited StatesCancer & COVID-19: Unraveling the Immunological Paradigm with a Stem Cell Therapeutic Intervention
MsFatemehJafarishiraz university of medical sciencesIranSpatio-temporal pattern of malignant neoplasm of brain in Fars province I.R.Iran (2011–2015): A population-based cross sectional study
DrAhmedIsmaeellecturerEgyptNumerical Simulation for Nanofluid Extravasation from a Vertical Segment of a Cylindrical Vessel into the Surrounding Tissue at the Microscale
DrYASIRAL-MAWLAHUniversity Of BabylonIraqAssociation between genetic polymorphisms of (Cu/ZnSOD and CAT C262T) and the risk of breast cancer.
Assoc Prof DrNabeelaTariqSBK women University, Quetta, PakistanPakistanAssociation of 44bp ins/del at promotor of MDM2 with breast cancer
DrDarshitThakerRoyal Brisbane & Women's HospitalAustraliaOur experience of nursing/allied health practitioner led geriatric screening and assessment of older patients with cancer – a highly accessible model of care
Assoc Prof DrMdRahmanUniversity of Prince MugrinSaudi ArabiaA Deep Learning Assisted Secure Framework for Cancer Management
Assist Prof DrHananAlrashidiTaibah universitySaudi ArabiaInvolvement of INF-γ functional single nucleotide polymorphism +874 T/A (rs2430561) in breast cancer risk
DrRamavatarMeenaCSIR-CSMCRIIndiaSeaweed polysaccharide-based nanocomposite for cancer nanotherapy
DrDanLiDepartment of Nuclear Medicine, Shanghai Tenth People’s HospitalChinaCharacteristics of Gut Microbiota and Metabolite Profiles in Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma
DrAnkitTomarThe New York Eye Cancer CenterUnited StatesGlobal Retinoblastoma Treatment Outcomes: Association with National Income Level
MrsIdyatulHasanahFaculty of Health Sciences, Nahdlatul Wathan University, MataramIndonesiaEffect of music therapy on cortisol as a stress biomarker in children undergoing IV-line insertion
MsDanielaVieiraFernando Pessoa FoundationPortugalPsychometric validity of the Portuguese version of SWAL-QOL for head and neck cancer
MsHagarHassan FahimBaheya FoundationEgyptHsp70 as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in Egyptian breast cancer women
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Abstract/Paper Title
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Call for paper

Healthcare conference Original Articles/papers are invited from Industry Persons, Scientist, Academician, Research Scholars, P.G. & U.G. Students for presentation in our International Conference. All articles/papers must be in MS-Word (.doc or .docx) format, including the title, Authors name, affiliation of all authors, e-mail, abstract, keywords, Conclusion, Acknowledgment, and References.

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Session Track

Healthcare | E-health | Healthcare, and Nursing |Digital Health | Healthcare And Dentistry |Healthcare and Medicine | Diabetes & Public Health | Digital Healthcare and Women’s Health |Primary Care And Community Health |Clinical Care Informatics | Skin & Body Healthcare | Mental Health and Mental Disorders | Primary Care And Sports Medicine | Healthcare and Management | Emerging Trends In Healthcare Management

Track 1: Healthcare

Healthcare management also called a healthcare system, is the administration, management or oversight of healthcare systems, public health systems, hospitals, entire hospital networks or other medical facilities. There are general healthcare managers and those are referred to as healthcare specialists. Physician associates and physicians are part of healthcare professionals.

  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Operational Management
  • Oncology Industry
  • Oncology Education
  • Oncology Analytics
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Oncology Compliance
  • Oncology Outsourcing
  • Healthcare Indicators
  • Healthcare and Diagnostics

Track 2: E-health

E-health is a relatively recent healthcare practice supported by electronic communication. It is a set of technical tools that are used in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, as well as in health management. E-Health Researchers (AIES) E-Health encompasses different health products and services, such as mobile applications, telemedicine, wearable devices.  In addition, technological advances contribute to increasing the safety of medicines.

  • E-Health Practices
  • Big ideas and New strategies in E-Health
  • Innovations and Technology solutions

Track 3: Healthcare, and Nursing

Nursing is based on the care of individual personal, families, societies and communities to protect or recover the health and quality of can be separated from other healthcare providers by the approach to patient care and scope of practice.

  • Teaching, evaluation and learning and clinical practice
  • Research for education, guidelines and universal developments
  • New novelty, awareness and development
  • Nursing informatics
  • Community hygiene, vaccination programs and other population specific treatment practices
  • Clinical and Surgical Nursing

Track 4: Healthcare And Dentistry 

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that comprises of the examination, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of infections, disorders and states of the oral cavity, generally in the dentition yet additionally the oral mucosa, and of nearby and related structures and tissues, especially in the maxillofacial (jaw and facial) zone. Although principally connected with teeth among the overall population, the field of dentistry or dental medicine isn't constrained to teeth however incorporates different parts of the craniofacial complex including the temperomandibular and other supporting structures.

Track 5: Healthcare and Medicine

It is Branch of Healthcare that arrangements with the rate, appropriation, and control of ailment in a populace. Prescription is a science and routine with regards to the treatment, and avoidance of illness. Restorative accessibility and clinical practice shifts over the world because of provincial contrasts in culture and innovation. In present day Healthcare practice, specialists by and by survey patients with a specific end goal to analyze, treat, and anticipate sickness utilizing clinical judgment. The specialist understanding relationship regularly starts a communication with an examination of the patient's restorative history and medicinal record, trailed by a Healthcare meeting and a physical examination. The conclusion and treatment may take just a couple of minutes or half a month relying on the unpredictability of the issue.

Submit your abstract on below topics:

  • Healthcare and Psychiatric science
  • Healthcare and Virology
  • Healthcare and Osteoarthritis
  • Healthcare and Asthma
  • Healthcare and Vaccines
  • Healthcare and Microbiology
  • Healthcare and Pathology
  • Healthcare and Traditional Medicine