Introduction: Oncogenes and tumor suppressors are two key players in the intricate genetic landscape of cancer. They represent opposing forces in the development and progression of cancer, with oncogenes promoting uncontrolled cell growth and tumor suppressors acting as guardians against such aberrant proliferation. Understanding their roles and interactions is fundamental to unraveling the molecular underpinnings of cancer.

Subtopics in Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors:

Oncogenes Unleashed : Explore the world of oncogenes, mutated genes that gain the ability to drive uncontrolled cell growth, and their role in initiating and promoting cancer.

Tumor Suppressors: Guardians of Normalcy : Delve into tumor suppressor genes, the molecular brakes that regulate cell division and prevent the formation of cancerous cells, and their significance in maintaining cellular integrity.

Mutational Burden and Oncogenic Signaling : Understand how mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressors contribute to the dysregulation of signaling pathways, leading to cancer development, and how targeting these pathways can be a therapeutic strategy.

Genetic Testing and Precision Medicine : Explore the use of genetic testing to identify oncogenic mutations and tumor suppressor gene alterations in cancer patients, enabling the selection of personalized treatment strategies.

Emerging Therapeutic Targets : Investigate the latest research into targeted therapies that aim to specifically inhibit oncogenic proteins or reactivate tumor suppressors, offering promising avenues for cancer treatment

Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors

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