Cancer Genetics and Genomics


Introduction: Cancer genetics and genomics have emerged as pivotal fields in the understanding and treatment of cancer. They delve deep into the genetic alterations and genomic changes that drive cancer development, offering insights into personalized therapies and precision medicine.

Subtopics in Cancer Genetics and Genomics:

Genetic Mutations and Oncogenes : Explore the specific genetic mutations and oncogenes responsible for initiating and promoting cancer growth, shedding light on targeted therapies and potential drug targets.

Tumor Suppressor Genes : Investigate the role of tumor suppressor genes in preventing cancer and how their inactivation or mutations contribute to tumor formation, providing avenues for therapeutic intervention.

Genomic Profiling and Biomarkers : Delve into the use of genomic profiling to identify cancer-specific biomarkers, enabling the development of personalized treatment strategies and early detection methods.

Epigenetics and Cancer : Examine the epigenetic changes that influence gene expression in cancer cells, leading to a better understanding of how environmental factors impact cancer development.

Genomic Medicine and Targeted Therapies : Explore the practical applications of cancer genomics in the development of targeted therapies, including immunotherapies and precision medicine approaches that aim to improve patient outcomes