Introduction: The tumor microenvironment is a complex and dynamic ecosystem surrounding cancer cells within tumors. This environment plays a crucial role in cancer progression and response to treatment. Understanding the
Introduction: Precision medicine in oncology represents a groundbreaking approach to cancer care. It is a paradigm shift from one-size-fits-all treatments to personalized therapies tailored to an individual's unique genetic, molecular,
Introduction: Molecular biomarkers in cancer have revolutionized the way we diagnose, prognose, and treat this complex disease. These tiny biological signposts, found in tissues, blood, or other bodily fluids, provide
  Introduction: Oncogenes and tumor suppressors are two key players in the intricate genetic landscape of cancer. They represent opposing forces in the development and progression of cancer, with oncogenes
Introduction: Cancer metastasis is a formidable and complex process wherein cancer cells break away from their primary site, travel through the body, and establish secondary tumors at distant locations. Understanding
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