Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Subject Track Country Selected for
ProfOlaOmranCollege of Medicine- Qassim UniversityCancer BiomarkersSaudi ArabiaBest Researcher Award
MrPezhmanPasyarTehran University of Medical SciencesOthersIranBest Research Award
DrzahraPayandehtabriz university of medical scienceStem Cell TherapyIranBest Research Award
MsSilpaNarayananSt. John's UniversityCancer ScienceUnited StatesBest Research Award
DrMaria JVicentPrince Felipe Research centerTargeted Cancer TherapySpainBest Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrFernandaAndradeVall d'Hebron Research InstituteTargeted Cancer TherapySpainYoung Scientist Award
DrCarmenSalvador-ColomaInstituto de Investigación Sanitaria La FeTumour ImmunologySpainBest Research Award
DrAhmedAl-SamadiUniversity of HelsinkiOncology and Precision MedicineFinlandBest Research Award
ProfWeiChenThe University of Texas at ArlingtonCancer ScienceUnited StatesExcellence in Research
DrAlexandraFalamasNational Institute for R&D Isotopic and Molecular TechnologiesOncology Management and PreventionRomaniaBest Researcher Award
DrAsimaTayyebUniversity of the PunjabOncology Therapeutics and Novel ApproachesPakistanBest Research Award
Prof DrHubertAllgayerKlinik Hartwald Rehazentrum Bad BrückenauCancer BiomarkersGermanyBest Researcher Award
ProfVincenzoParrinoUniversity of MessinaTumour ImmunologyItalyBest Extension Activity Award
ProfAndreasStangInstitute of Medical Informatics, Biometry, and EpidemiologyCancer ScienceGermanyBest Researcher Award
DrMustafaErgülSivas Cumhuriyet UniversityCancer Cell BiologyTurkeyBest Researcher Award
DrRicardo daAlvesUniversity of Valley SapucaiOthersBrazilBest Research Award
DrNoelia VictoriaMiretUniversidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Medicina, Departamento de Bioquímica Humana, Laboratorio de Efectos Biológicos de Contaminantes AmbientalesCancer Cell BiologyArgentinaBest Researcher Award
DrMoslemAbolhassaniKerman University of Medical SciencesOncology Management and PreventionIranBest Research Award
MsRebeccaLouisonMount Mercy UniversityOncology Alternative MedicineUnited StatesBest Research Award
Assist Prof DrMuhammad ArshadJavidUniversity of Engineering & Technology, TaxilaCancer SciencePakistanBest Faculty Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Subject Track Country Selected for


Wei Chen, Ph.D., graduated from the School of Earth Sciences, Jilin University, received a master degree from Central South University and Ph.D. degree from the School of Chemistry, Peking University. ...Then, he worked at the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a senior scientist and became a deputy director of the Materials Key Laboratory. He won the Academy of Sciences Young Scientist Award. He joined the University of Texas at Arlington as an assistant professor in 2006 and Dr. Wei Chen is now a full professor at the department of Physics, UT Arlington. He is well known for his inventions in cancer nano-targeted therapy and deep cancer photodynamic therapy. Currently he has published 295 papers and his papers have been cited more than 11500 times, and his H index is 58, including one paper with 685 citations, 13 papers with more than 200 times, 28 papers with more than 100 times. He has 20 US patents granted and he has been funded with more 30 scientific research projects with a total funding of more than 9 million U.S. dollars. Dr. Chen's scientific research work has attracted wide attention and has been reported by the American TV program CBS. Dr. Chen received the University distinguished record of research and creative activity award in 2020. He was elected as a senior member for National Academy of Inventors, a Fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials and a Vebleo Fellow in 2020 and a Sigma Xi full member in 2021.
He proposed the concept of "nanoparticle self-luminous photodynamic therapy" for the treatment of deep cancer and invented the fourth-generation photosensitizer-copper cysteine. This new type of photosensitizer can generate active oxygen in ultraviolet light, X-rays, microwaves and ultrasound for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. He pioneered CuS based photothermal therapy and the microwave induced oxidative therapy.


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